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Written by Stephanie Holt on Dec. 20, 2018
Hi we are visiting from California and looking for an Anglican church. Do you use the 1928 prayer book? We are members of the Province of Christ the King. Do you know them? What is your Christmas week schedule?
Written by Bella tom on Aug. 26, 2018
I will love to be a member
Written by John Rose on Jul. 28, 2017
I'm reading a book by Tish Harrison Warren (a priest of the Anglican Church in South Austin), "Liturgy of the Ordinary," which I'm enjoying immensely. So, I thought I'd see if there is an Anglican church here in Johnstown (looked in the yellow pages but couldn't find one), was surprised...there you were on the Anglican NA site! Just dropping in the say, Hi!
Written by Brad Langworthy on Sep. 3, 2012
I hope you like the site because I do
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